Carbon Peel for Hyperpigmentation

Carbon Peel for Hyperpigmentation

Carbon Peel for Hyperpigmentation
Carbon Peel for Hyperpigmentation

About Treatment

Carbon Peel for Hyperpigmentation

We all have experienced acne at some or other point in our lives hence we know acne is the most annoying skin condition and is gender-neutral. Acne happens when the facial pores get clogged with excess oil, dirt, or dead skin cells which might lead to inflammation as well. Acnes could be due to unhealthy eating habits, pollution, genetics, and hormonal changes or because of some medication that could leave acne scars if not given attention timely and properly.

Carbon Peel for Hyperpigmentation

Acne treatment for mild to moderate skins can be done by the most famous therapy of Carbon Laser Peels. Also known as ‘China Doll Peel Facial’ for its porcelain doll-like finish on the skin. This is a superficial treatment that helps in getting a better skin tone and getting rid of acne, oily skin, and enlarged pores. At Agelock Skin Clinic, we apply carbon solution to the face and use lasers to create a peeling effect. The downtime is almost zero since lasers do not penetrate the skin and one can easily resume the routine immediately. Many celebrities and models opt for this therapy as it saves time and provides effective results without feeling any pain. It is also very effective in removing blackheads and black spots on the face.

Carbon Peel for Hyperpigmentation

Carbon Laser Peel Procedure

  • The doctor will start by applying the carbon layer on the face and once the carbon settles evenly on the skin’s surface, a focused light beam is used for the target area.
  • The carbon particles then absorb the light and vacuum suction gently removes them along with the damaged skin tissues/cells found in the upper layers of the skin.
  • The simultaneous generation of thermal energy stimulates the synthesis of fresh collagen and promotes healthy-looking skin texture.
Carbon Peel for Hyperpigmentation

Aftercare Tips

  • Moisturize Daily
  • Use SPF 30+ for a few days
  • Do not exfoliate skin or interfere with any invasive treatment
  • Flaking and dryness for a few days are normal
Carbon Peel for Hyperpigmentation

Why Carbon Laser Peels?

  • Quick
  • Painless
  • Effective
  • Comfortable

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