Dry Skin after Handwashing during COVID-19

Dry Skin after Handwashing during COVID-19 – Is handwashing dry your skin? This post provides tips to help keep your skin healthy and hydrated all through frequent COVID-19 handwashing. 

Washing your hands is critical to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). However, common handwashing could cause dry pores and skin that can flake, itch, crack, and even bleed with out correct precautions. This may cause open wounds in your pores and skin that may allow in micro organism and different germs and building up your possibility for infection.

Tips to Keep your Skin Healthy and Hydrated

To reduce possibility of dryness, cracked pores and skin from handwashing, practice those steps from board-certified dermatologists:

Here’s what dermatologists RECOMMEDED:

  1. Use lukewarm water: Wash your arms for at least 20 seconds in lukewarm water. Use cleaning soap, and wash each and every part of your hands, together with between your fingers and round your nails.
  2. Moisturize immediately after washing your hands: Dry your arms with a blank towel but leave some water on them. You can also let your hands air dry. While your palms are reasonably damp, follow your hand cream or ointment.
  3. Use moisturizers with mineral oil or petrolatum: Apply a pea-sized amount of hand cream or ointment into your skin, making sure you’re employed some of the moisturizer into your fingertips and nails. Dermatologists recommend the use of a hand cream or ointment that:
  • Contains mineral oil or petrolatum
  • Comes in a tube fairly than a pump-bottle
  • Says it’s “fragrance-free” and “dye-free”

This moisturizer has a tendency to really feel less frustrating to dry, chapped pores and skin.

  1. When soap and water aren’t available, use sanitizer: When you employ hand sanitizer, apply your hand cream or ointment instantly after the hand sanitizer dries. Because the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the use of a hand sanitizer that accommodates no less than 60% alcohol to kill germs, hand sanitizer can be very drying.
  2. Continue washing your hands, even if they feel dry: Washing your hands can remove harmful bacteria or viruses.

Get your health knowledge from a trustworthy supply. Going on-line to speak with family and friends can be comforting. When it involves health knowledge, it’s essential to get correct and reliable information, comparable to from your doctor, web pages reviewed through docs such as this one, and the CDC.


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Dry Skin after Handwashing during COVID-19
Dry Skin after Handwashing during COVID-19
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