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Myths and Facts About Botox

Myths and Facts About Botox

Myths and Facts About Botox

Myths and Facts About Botox

Botox is a minimally invasive anti-aging treatment that is effective in addressing fine lines and wrinkles. Despite the procedure’s popularity, both women and men alike still turn to expensive creams and facials that promise more youthful-looking skin. One reason may be the misconceptions about Botox. 

Despite being the number one requested nonsurgical aesthetic procedure in countries like United States, in India there are a lot of rumors circulating in regards to Botox.

Read on to know more about Botox Myths and get to know how these injectable can change your appearance and looks 

Myth #1: My face will look frozen

Botox is classified as a neurotoxin, Botox injection gently relaxes your muscles and don’t freeze them. When our expert Injectors injects Botox to the treatment area you still retain the ability to express all of your emotions.

A proper consultation with a member of our team is vital to receiving natural-looking results. During your consultation, we examine your dynamic muscle movements (i.e. the types of muscle movements that can lead to dynamic wrinkles), and this provides the basis for determining how many Botox units you need. This ensures that you receive just the right amount to help you reach your specific goals.

Myth #2: Botox injections will hurt

You must have heard the phrase “beauty is pain,” but that is not true when it comes to Botox. If you compare it with the other aesthetic procedures, Botox is one of the comfortable Procedures to go for, when it comes to enhance your looks.

While many of the patients who has done botox, describe the injections as a “slight pinch,” but you can always request for a topical anesthetic cream to eliminate that slight pinch as well.

Myth #3: Botox injections are toxic

Botox Cosmetic is derived from botulinum toxin, but it’s important to remember that Botox is considered safe. In fact, Botox has been approved by the FDA for cosmetic uses since 2002. Even a recent 2019 study published in Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology continues to find Botox both safe and effective when administered by a skilled professional.

Myth #4: I’m too young for Botox

Botox is approved by the FDA for people with age in between 18-65. What this means is that there is not any exact age to receive Botox. If you have dynamic wrinkles that bother you, even if you’re in your late twenties, give us a call and we can help you get rid of them

Myth #5: Botox is only good for smoothing out forehead wrinkles

Botox use is not limited to this only Botox is used for a range of medical conditions and was first used to treat strabismus, a problem with eye muscles

At Agelock Skin Clinic, Dr Kohli uses Botox for a variety of indications including:

  • Facial sculpting
  • Liquid brow lift
  • Reducing the appearance of crow’s feet
  • Reducing the appearance of droopy eyelids and under-eye wrinkles
  • Treating neck cords and lines
  • This is just a small sample of how Botox can turn back the hands of time and enhance your appearance.

At Agelock Skin Clinic, Dr. Jagatjit and the rest of our team understand how wrinkles and fine lines can impact your self-confidence.

If you want to experience the benefits of Botox (or explore other medical spa treatments),  it’s essential to work with an experienced professional. At Agelock Skin Clinic, Dr Jagatjit and our team of professionals are ready to create a custom treatment plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

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