Nose Enhancement

Nose Enhancement

Nose Enhancement
Nose Enhancement

About Treatment

Nose Enhancement

So, this procedure aims to correct the Nose’s appearance irregularities. It can either be done temporarily or permanently, purely a personal choice. It is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to alter the structure or appearance of the nose by injecting fillers on and around the trickiest area of the face i.e. nose depending upon the concern. That’s why it is suggestible to consult an expert before deciding on Rhinoplasty and be aware of all the potential risks involved.

Nose Enhancement

Advantages of the Procedure

  • Raising the nasal bridge.
  • Removing the irregularities even after a surgical procedure.
  • Addresses issues like crooked nose or bumps.
  • Longer and straighter nose.
Nose Enhancement

Nose Enhancement solves purposes like:

  • The swelling in your nose can last for several weeks. All of the swellings in the nose take a year or more to go down, although most patients notice a difference in their appearance within a few weeks.
  • Cold compresses can be used to ease pain or discomfort, or the surgeon may prescribe pain medication.
  • On the first day following surgery, facial swelling and puffiness are the most noticeable.
  • It's usual to experience minor bruising or swelling around the eyes.
Nose Enhancement

Why Nose Enhancement?

  • Painless
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Safe in the right hands
  • In-clinic treatment

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