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Our team of best dermatologists in Chandigarh specialize in providing gender-neutral, result-driven dermatology treatments that are appropriate for all age groups as well as a variety of additional dermatology options. Given the various needs of Indian skin, we have developed cost-effective and long-lasting solutions based on those concerns. This is one of our strong suits.

Modern Agelock Skin Clinic is outfitted with every skin and hair-related medical breakthrough available today, providing us an advantage over the competition. Our renowned and satisfied clientele, who are now living their lives more confidently and comfortably, have given us a track record of success.



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With an excellent frontier and comprehension of general medicine, Dr. Jagat Singh Kohli embarked on his new journey toward aesthetic dermatological medicine back in 2013. Displaying an avid passion for exploring the vivid world of skin care treatment, he crafted a state-of-the-art facility comprising of a well-equipped team of expert staff coupled with modern equipment and world-renowned treatment accessible to the people. Upon completing the training course in USA and India from renowned dermatologists across the world, Dr. Kohli instituted the Agelock Skin clinic in Chandigarh in the year 2015.

Back when mesotherapy was rather an exotic term to the Indians, Dr. Kohli introduced mesotherapy in 2013 for everyone to experience the treatment alike. Apart from the services in the clinic, Dr. Kohli was keen on holding awareness and treatment camps in rural as well as urban centers to connect with people and to better understand the crux of skincare treatments in society.

Modern treatments to treat your problems

Specially curated treatments for perfection

Outlook enhancement

Outlook enhancement

Agelock offers a never-ending list of carefully curated personalized skincare treatments to offer youthful looking, flawless skin with perfectly drawn-out facial structure.

Mole removal

Mole removal

Moles can range in colour from your original skin tone to pink, brown, or black, and they frequently arise in your childhood or teen years. Darker hair and skin are more likely to have darker moles than lighter hair and skin.

Under eye cheek removal

Under eye cheek removal

Our expert dermatologists perform effective treatment for persons with less pronounced eye bags through a painless procedure with guaranteed results.

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At ASC, we thrive upon customer-satisfaction based upon the fulfilling results of our dedication and professional acumen regarding the diagnosis and treatment.

We have world-class infrastructure clubbed with technologically advanced methods to deliver the best clinical and cosmetic services.

ASC has a wonderful team of experts that hold national and international exposure during their journey to be the professional doctors, who understand how important it is to look good and attractive as well as how even a minor skin or hair issue can take a toll on the confidence.

With an aim to create awareness and busting myths about the skin problems and its treatment, we always try to walk an extra mile to provide solution-oriented services for a delightful experience to our clients, who have entrusted us their faith.

The only criteria we follow to be the best in the industry is Happy Customers.

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