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Things you should Know before Getting Laser Hair Removal

Things you should Know before Getting Laser Hair Removal

Things you should Know before Getting Laser Hair Removal

Things you should Know before Getting Laser Hair Removal

Things you should Know before Getting Laser Hair Removal – Are you bored with shaving, plucking, waxing, and threading?

Look, all of us will also be lazy. You do not have time to get up early than you must simply to shave and waxing.

Shaving, plucking, waxing is extra of an annoyance than the rest…All of these take time, but for people who wish to have soft, hairless pores and skin, they are going to appear to be the only choices available. If you might be keen to shell out slightly additional cash, on the other hand, it’s good to opt as a substitute for a more everlasting end result: laser hair removal. This high-tech means uses light to in fact smash the follicle, leaving you with fuzz-free pores and skin.

If you’re on the lookout for a more permanent solution to your unwanted hair, laser hair removal may well be the most efficient service for you.

Dr. JAGATJIT SINGH KOHLI’S dermatologist in an effort to provide you useful information about laser hair removal treatment.

Before beginning a sequence of laser hair removal there are some things that everyone will have to know. We’ve listed the top 10 facts you want to grasp earlier than having laser, so as to be ready to your treatments and be rewarded with those silky-smooth effects!

Things to know before Getting Laser Hair Removal for Unwanted Hair

How it works

While we’d love to say its magic, the truth is laser hair removal is science! Simply put, it works like this: With lighter skin varieties, a cosmetic medical-grade laser transmits a concentrated beam of sunshine without delay into the pigment of your hair follicles. With darker skin, the laser is interested in the blood to provide to the hair follicle. The laser then destroys and stunts the hair growth with both modalities.

Laser hair removal is regarded as a cosmetic procedure and therefore is ruled by way of strict rules. Before booking your treatment, at all times ask if the technicians are qualified and that the equipment is TGA approved.

  1. Avoid sun before than your appointment.

At least 4 weeks prior to, to be precise. You cannot receive this treatment if you’re sunburned — or even though you have a tan. Summer is probably not the most efficient time to start out laser hair removal if you’re a fan of the outside. Numerous other people get started therapies in the fall or wintry weather with a purpose to have stubble-free skin by summer time!

  1. Shave the area (Don’t wax) if you’re getting lasered.

Do not continue to come back in along with your hairy self. This is not like waxing, and you do not wish to develop your undesirable hair out beforehand.

On that notice, you can’t available for laser hair removal for those who’ve had a wax just lately. 

The perfect thing you can do is shave a day prior to your appointment. If you do not, your doctor will in all probability provide you with a razor so you’ll get ‘er carried out!

  1. Skip the moisturizer

When it involves the day of your treatment you wish to have to make sure to are going  herbal for your body. Make positive your pores and skin is clean and completely product unfastened, don’t even moisturize or apply deodorant. This is going for 24 hours after your appointment, too!

  1. Staying away from tanning beds, spray tans, and tanning lotion.

Don’t suppose you can break out with this, either. If you might be for real’s about this, queue up some Netflix shows and embrace the indoors for a while!

  1. Your dermatologist will provide a test at the patch in your skin at your first appointment.

The unhappy truth is that now not everybody’s skin will react smartly to cosmatic laser treatment. Pigment issues, discoloration, and scarring can occur with some skin sorts, which is why it’s important to permit your dermatologist to conduct a small take a look at patch first.

  1. Be honest at your consultation

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment and as such you wish to have to really feel that you’re in protected hands. Our certified laser technicians use only medical-grade apparatus, and prior to you get started the treatment you’ll receive a complimentary consultation with one of our friendly technicians to evaluate your skin and hair type. This is wishlist you’ll want to reveal any previous treatments or drugs that you’ve been taking. 

  1. Have practical expectations

It takes multiple sessions to see extraordinary effects. Once you complete your treatment plan, you will have to be expecting long-term hair aid! It is also vital to take into account that no laser health center can declare 100 consistent with cent hair removal, as some hair will at all times attempt to grow again. Re-growth may also be suffering from hormones and different organic elements which can vary from individual to individual. Our obligation loose consultation will lend a hand to resolve your long-run result.

  1. Be constant

For highest effects, you’ll want to attend your appointments religiously every 4 weeks. The timing of your treatments dramatically influences the result because of hair progress patterns, thus we propose you guide a course of laser hair removal treatments rather than sporadic appointments.

  1. Use the advisable products

Treated areas may seem “sunburnt” after treatment; an active skincare product, equivalent to recovery cream and a chilly compress will ease discomfort and swelling. Avoid making use of makeup to the area and stay out of the solar, the usage of balance UV Defiance SPF 50+ on the treated house to prevent discoloration or sunburn. Remember your skin shall be delicate to the sun for 48 hours after treatment.

  1. Avoid workout and hot showers

Exercising and hot showers both building up your frame temperature, inflicting your frame to sweat and creating a possible breeding flooring for microorganisms. This could lead to infection or ingrown hairs, so we advise ready at least 24 hours after a laser hair removal treatment prior to attempting any process that can build up your body temperature and dissatisfied the hair follicles.

Now that you have an elementary figuring out on how laser works, and what to do earlier than and after treatment, you are prepared to go forth and book your complimentary consultation at Agelock Skin Clinic!

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair at Agelock Skin Clinic

At Agelock Skin Clinic, our qualified staff is experts in laser hair removal. However, we provide a lot more than that.

We also have a variety of treatments to relax, rejuvenate, easy, and adorn your face and body.

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