Vitiligo Treatment in Chandigarh

In Chandigarh, India, Agelock Skin Clinic provides the top vitiligo treatment, including the most cutting-edge laser procedure with the best and most reliable outcomes.

Vitiligo is a condition where the skin forms patches due to the loss of melanocytes that causes pigmentation. The skin around the mouth, eyes and other parts of the body becomes whitened. The discolored spots often become larger over time. The condition can impact any area of the skin on the body. Additionally, it might damage the inside of your lips and hair.

What makes us, the right choice?

 For both men and women in Chandigarh, we provide the best vitiligo treatment, under the expertise of Dr. Jagatjit Singh Kohli, a famous cosmetic surgeon. Modern tools and equipments are used to carry out the best treatments, ensuring consumers of excellent quality and lasting outcomes.

  • Dedicated Laser Center – Along with laser hair removal, we also utilize acne scar removal therapy to fade scars and blemishes. Additionally, lasers are used to treat melasma (pigmentation), get rid of scars like acne scars and other sorts, and renew the skin.
  • Experience matters – Here we provide expert guidance with experienced professional and highly skilled crew. We evaluate your needs and customize our approach to your skin type, extent of vitiligo, and other factors.
  • Session with our dermatologist -To learn more about your needs and the improvements you want to make to your skin, our dermatologist will conduct a thorough consultation.
  • Diagnosis – As previously said, the session is entirely FREE and begins with a skin analysis.
  • Checkup – The checkup is completed, and the results are calculated. The diagnosis provides guidance for subsequent therapy. Following thorough consultation, the expected results are given.
  • No Side Effects – It has no negative effects such as allergic reactions, blisters, rashes, or skin peeling.
  • The Most Effective – We offer one of the greatest treatments with guaranteed outcomes.
  • Best Deals – The best deal with no added charges.


Vitiligo symptoms include:

  • Skin color loss that appears to be patchy, which commonly begins on the hands, face, and areas near body openings including the genitals.
  • Accelerated whitening or greying of your scalp hair, eyelashes, brows, or beard
  • Discoloration of the tissues lining your mouth and nose (mucous membranes)

 The type of vitiligo you have may affect:

  • Almost all skin types – The loss of color affects practically all skin areas in this type, known as universal vitiligo.
  • Several parts of your body – The discolored patches on adjacent body areas frequently proceed identically in this most common kind, known as generalized vitiligo (symmetrically).
  • Your body’s only one side or portion – Segmental vitiligo is a form that typically starts earlier in life, progresses for a year or two, and then stops. Just one or a few parts of your body – This kind of vitiligo is referred to as localized (focal). Hands and the face – In this kind of vitiligo, known as acrofacial vitiligo, the hands, face, and areas around bodily openings like the eyes, nose, and ears are all affected.

Agelock Skin Clinic is the ideal place to go if you want the best vitiligo treatment in Chandigarh. Please contact us for the best advice and treatment for all of your skin issues. Dr. Jagatjit Singh Kohli, the best dermatologist in Chandigarh, will choose the best treatment or set of therapies for you after consulting with you.

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<strong>Vitiligo Treatment in Chandigarh</strong>
<strong>Vitiligo Treatment in Chandigarh</strong>
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