Mesotherapy Hairloss Treatment in Chandigarh

Mesotherapy Hairloss Treatment In Chandigarh

Mesotherapy Hairloss Treatment in Chandigarh
Mesotherapy Hairloss Treatment in Chandigarh

About Treatment

Mesotherapy Hairloss Treatment in Chandigarh

Simply put, Mesotherapy for hair is a treatment approach that involves injecting vitamins, minerals, and amino acid concoctions into the scalp to promote hair growth. This nourishes the hair follicles, allowing them to settle more easily in the hair, weak thickening hair, preventing hair loss, and strengthening the hair.

Mesotherapy Hairloss Treatment in Chandigarh

Mesotherapy is a method that involves injecting microscopic drops of medication into the scalp. There are a variety of injectable cocktails available, most of which are botanical extracts that include the growth factor of botanical stem cells and encourage hair development. There’s no reason to be concerned if this seems a little frightening. While there are injections involved, you’re just getting the good stuff — vitamins and minerals — that your hair needs to grow and thrive.

Mesotherapy Hairloss Treatment in Chandigarh

Who can benefit from Mesotherapy?

Anyone whose hair is falling out! While Mesotherapy was designed to help those with alopecia, a condition in which there is a partial or complete lack of hair in some regions of the body, anyone who is experiencing hair loss can benefit from it. Mesotherapy for hair can help those who are losing strands of hair due to hair fall.

However, it is unlikely to be useful for those who are balding or who have a genetic predisposition to hair loss. Because the treatment can only stimulate inactive bulbs and nourish hair follicles, it can’t completely restore hair. People who are pregnant, have skin conditions, dermal inflammations, diabetes, or haemophilia should avoid the treatment because it could harm or worsen their health.

Mesotherapy Hairloss Treatment in Chandigarh

Benefits of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy for hair has a slew of advantages that have further raised the treatment’s popularity.

If you’re curious about the treatment’s effectiveness, we’re happy to report that it works! Hair loss is unavoidable without Mesotherapy. The efficacy and effectiveness are significantly greater when combined with PRP, or platelet-rich plasma.

1. It is painless and safe.

When compared to more intrusive surgical therapies, Mesotherapy is a less risky option for treating hair loss. Furthermore, it often does no injury to the surrounding tissue and accomplishes the task at hand.

Mesotherapy Hairloss Treatment in Chandigarh

2. It improves the scalp’s immunity.

Apart from rejuvenating hair follicles, Mesotherapy for hair also rejuvenates the scalp. Puncturing your scalp with injections encourages the growth of new blood vessels, which helps to renew your scalp and ensure that your hair grows longer, shinier, and thicker.

3. It soothes irritated scalps.

Mesotherapy for hair, as previously said, reduces micro-inflammation in the scalp. So, whether you’ve been suffering from dandruff or itching, you can rest confident that Mesotherapy will take care of everything and restore the health of your scalp.

Mesotherapy Hairloss Treatment in Chandigarh

Precautions before & after the procedure

While there isn’t much in the way of post-operation care following Mesotherapy for hair, there are a few things to keep in mind once you’ve had the procedure. First and foremost, you must avoid sun exposure (particularly straight to the scalp) following the treatment, as sun exposure might cause allergic reactions. Do not wash your hair the same day as the operation. Any hair colour should be avoided both before and after the treatment.

Aside from that, keep track of any adverse responses that arise following the therapy, as even a minor oversight can land you in danger. For the next 48 hours, avoid alcohol, and if your doctor prescribed any lotions for post-procedure treatment, make sure to use them!

Mesotherapy Hairloss Treatment in Chandigarh

While the treatment may appear intimidating, it is not as frightening as it appears because it is non-invasive and simple to perform. Patients who undergo Mesotherapy for hair restoration usually suffer very little pain and discomfort, especially compared to surgical methods, making it a simple way to stop hair loss. If you want to increase the quality and health of your hair, this is a fantastic process to try, and you can rest comfortably so that it will work.

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