Photo Facial in Chandigarh

Pico Laser/Photo Facial In Chandigarh

Photo Facial in Chandigarh
Photo Facial in Chandigarh

About Treatment

Photo Facial in Chandigarh

This is a non-surgical laser rejuvenation technique that delivers short bursts of energy to treat the affected area to achieve a cleaner and spotless skin. Pico Laser/Photo Facial targets the concerns like freckles, sun spots, discoloration and stubborn acne scars. 

Photo Facial in Chandigarh


The best part about the therapy that its usage is not restricted to the face but can also be used on other parts of the body such as neck, hands, arms, chest and more. The energy bursts work in skin tissue structure and targets pigment to achieve the desired results that also include reduction in wrinkles and facial lines with more skin firmness as the therapy is all about the energy and not the heat. Important to mention, it has almost no downtime and is proven to be healthier for the skin.

Photo Facial in Chandigarh

Types of Laser/Photo Facial:

LED (Light Emitting Diode): In LED as well, handheld devices can be used or a lamp to produce different colors of light because the color of the light impacts the results of the treatment. LED light works on Epidermis and is best for acne treatment.

Photo Facial in Chandigarh

How does Pico Laser/Photo Facial?

In both IPL and LED, skin absorbs light and converts it into energy, the targeted area also absorbs heat and stimulates the cells to generate collagen which strengthens skin.

With Photo Facial, one can improve collagen production, remove blemishes and enhance the skin appearance.

Photo Facial in Chandigarh

Why Pico Laser/Photo Facial?

  • Even and smooth skin
  • Minimal discomfort during the treatment
  • Improvements of sun spots, uneven pigmentation
  • Minimal Downtime

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