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PRP Hairfall Treatment

What is PRP treatment?

A very promising treatment for hair loss is platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, which in some cases has been able to reverse the miniaturization of hair in the vertex region of the scalp thanks to the constant advancements in the decade-old PRP techniques.

Since it is made from the patient's own blood and centrifuged before the concentrated platelets are injected into the afflicted area of the scalp, it is quite safe and chances for infection are driven to a mere zero. From the perspective of reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth, this once-monthly treatment has had encouraging results and an amazing transformation that also improved the overall hair and scalp quality.

The growth factor molecules (PDGF, VEGF, which promote blood vessel creation, cell replication, and skin formation) present in the platelets in PRP for Hair Loss Therapy increase the hair follicle vitality, directly decreasing hair loss.

How PRP works?

Platelet Rich Plasma membrane stimulates the growth of hair from follicles by acting on the hair follicle. The platelet growth factors convert the dormant state of the inactive follicles into an active state, starting the hair development process and promoting hair growth and thickness.

When PRP is administered monthly together with dietary supplements and topical treatments, earlier grades of alopecia with thinning hair react favourably to treatment resulting in much thicker hair.

How is PRP treatment done?

  • Blood will be drawn from your body using a standard needle, most often 30 to 45 minutes before the procedure. Blood samples between 40 and 60cc will be taken, and they will be kept in vials until the next procedure.
  • The components that makeup blood can be separated by placing the blood vials in a centrifuge for a brief period of time. The samples will be kept in a sterile refrigerator after the centrifugation procedure is finished to prevent contamination.
  • Red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma, and platelet-rich plasma are the three components of plasma. The serum is then prepared for injection by first separating and diluting the growth factors with plasma.
  • The scalp is then slowly injected with the strong plasma serum. Growth factors activate the stem cells in the scalp after they have entered the bloodstream, promoting new hair development and prolonging the life of already existing hair.
Benefits of PRP treatment

Benefits of PRP treatment

The PRP procedure's most popular benefits include.

  • Painless procedure
  • There are no surgical procedures performed.
  • It aids in regulating the cycle of hair growth.
  • Your skin and hair won't be harmed by it.
  • It is reasonably priced. It is an inexpensive form of treatment.
  • Your blood is injected, which stimulates natural hair development by stimulating hair regrowth.
  • The most painless way to promote hair development and cover bald spots is with PRP treatment.
  • The most secure and scientifically validated treatment is PRP.
  • For outstanding hair development and increased hair density, this therapy is ideal.

Post-care Therapy

  • You shouldn't use hair products for at least 6 hours following your treatment.
  • For two days after your treatment, you must avoid using saunas, steam rooms, and swimming pools.
  • For at least three days following therapy, alcohol, caffeine, and smoking must be avoided
  • You must avoid essential fatty acids for at least a week following your treatment.
  • Go to the doctor right away if pus, redness, or pain appears.
  • Steer clear of the sun and strenuous exercise.
Post-care Therapy

Why do you need PRP treatments for hair loss?

The fact that PRP enhances the body's natural healing process is perhaps the main argument in favour of using it. Because it is your own blood, there is very little risk of infection and the very little possibility that the body will reject the blood. Also, because a single session would only last one to two hours, this technique won't take up much of your time. During the second or third session, you'll start to notice hair growth, and you'll soon discover that your hair is getting thicker and healthier. The hair that develops will be genuine and natural, so you can style it.

Why Agelock for PRP?

In contrast to other clinics where all operations are performed by a single consultant, Agelock Hair Clinics in Chandigarh has a team of specialists who are specialized in each process curating personalized treatment for patients depending on the desired outcomes and ongoing medical conditions. An educated and experienced consultant oversees a talented group of plastic and cosmetic surgeons for each speciality at The Agelock Clinics. Our group is committed to providing problem-specific, individualized care for every patient, especially for the PRP treatment where we strive to keep the procedure simple yet rewarding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PRP painful for hair?

With advanced treatment and anaesthesia, PRP is not very painful.

Is PRP suitable for everyone?

Yes, since one’s own blood is used, there are no chances for any side effects or allergic reaction.

What is the cost of PRP?

The cost depends upon numerous factors, It’s best to have a word with your dermatologist.

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PRP Hair Treatment in Chandigarh

PRP Hair Treatment in Chandigarh

PRP Hair Treatment in Chandigarh
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