Vivace Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

Vivace Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

Vivace Stretch Marks Removal Treatment
Vivace Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

About Treatment

Vivace Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

We love to take care of ourselves and prefer do everything that is in our scope to look beautiful and glowing yet there can be unforeseen things related to ageing & skin damage that can hamper our efforts to look appealing.

Vivace Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

Stretch Marks are indented marks or lines that develop on the skin. These marks are formed in the middle layer of the skin called Dermis, especially when the structure of the skin which is made up of collagen and elastin breaks down because of excessive skin stretching due to pregnancy, weight gain, rapid growth during adolescence or excessive workout.

Thankfully, at Agelock Skin Clinic, Vivace is there to our rescue for all these, which is a FDA approved treatment. Vivace is a new and innovative microneedling with RadioFrequency treatment that targets Stretch Marks, Wrinkles or Acne Scars and has the power to reverse the skin damage and rejuvenates the skin for better appearance.

Vivace Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

How does it work?

Vivace works on the rule of stimulating collagen production naturally in the skin, with the help of powerful combination of microneedling and radiofrequency energy and is a non-surgical clinical procedure.

Stretch Marks may occur on different parts of the body such as stomach, thighs, breasts, buttocks, upper arm, around shoulders etc. depending on the type of stretch marks, treatment can be ascertained.

Vivace Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

Vivace device has numerous gold plated micro needles that creates microscopic “injuries” on the skin, that are not suppose to hurt but to stimulate body’s natural healing process in the form collagen production. Radiofrequency thermal energy then supports the healing process by promoting wound contraction and elastin production. After the skin is nourished enough with healthy collagen, the reversal of skin damage by replacing damaged and dead skin cell with new and younger skin cells, start.

The result more than often is younger skin with reduced scars and marks.

At Agelock Skin Clinic, we use Vivace Plus treatment to effectively remove the stretch marks irrespective of the body part.

Vivace Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

Why Vivace?

  • Non-Invasive Therapy
  • Precise Results
  • Virtually Painless
  • FDA Approved
  • Permanent Results
  • Complete Removal of Stretch Marks
  • Safe Treatment

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