Vampire Facelift Treatment In Chandigarh

Want to get rid of your wrinkles? There are additional choices if surgery is not an option. PRP (plasma-rich protein) facials, sometimes known as "vampire facials," are a popular therapeutic option. After extracting blood from your arm, the medical professional will separate the platelets from the rest of the blood with the help of a quality centrifuge (a machine that spins quickly to separate fluids of different densities). Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) will be used in conjunction with hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm.

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What is Vampire Facelift?

Vampire facelifts, according to several practitioners, offer advantages over other fillers. It improves gloss, feel and skin texture and stimulates collagen that increases the volume of the skin.

There are no animal-derived or synthetic chemicals in the all-natural serum. All that is required is the patient's blood. There is no need for any extra fillers or drugs.

What exactly is the goal of growth factor therapy?

Human blood includes a high concentration of growth factors, which contribute to the healing process following an injury. As blood is centrifuged, it divides into numerous components, enabling the extraction of growth factors simpler. This extract is then injected into the skin to aid in healing.

It is a very safe therapy because it is made from one's own blood and no additives are utilized in its production. It greatly improves hair loss (in both men and women), non-healing ulcers, skin pigmentation, dark circles, acne, and non-surgical facelifts, according to research.


Any patient can benefit from this surgery; however, people suffering from the following issues may benefit the most from a Vampire Facelift:

  • Grey skin as a result of decreased blood flow
  • Fewer collagen results in a collapsed or sagging face contour.
  • Skin texture that is tired or lacklustre
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hollowness under the eyes
  • Facial Skin Looseness
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What to Expect After a Vampire Facelift

Although a vampire facelift may cause some redness on your face, the procedure is noninvasive and should result in little downtime.

Avoid touching your face in the hours following the procedure. You can use an ice pack or Tylenol to alleviate swelling and discomfort if your doctor authorizes it.

The filler provides instant plumping benefits, whilst the PRP results in radiance and evenness after 2 to 3 weeks. The effects are not permanent and might last anywhere between a year and 18 months.

Vampire Facelift Procedure

The following methods are often used in vampire facelifts:

  • The dermatologist will first cleanse your skin. They will almost certainly administer a topical numbing drug before drawing blood from your arm (as little as 2 teaspoons). Some cosmetic surgeons prefer to begin with filler injections in the face, focusing on regions with deep creases or wrinkles.
  • The blood will be spun up in a centrifuge. PRP has now been isolated from the remainder of the blood.
  • PRP will be injected back into the face using a tiny needle.

Precautionary Measures to follow:

An infection can arise when a procedure is conducted poorly or without the proper equipment and supervision of a medical practitioner.

This procedure frequently causes inflammation and bruising, needing a special aftercare regimen to ensure that the inflammation heals.

Despite the fact that numbing gels are available, the vampire facelift may be uncomfortable.

It's always a good idea to consult with a skilled dermatologist to see if this is a realistic option for you.

Why choose Agelock?

We, at Agelock, carefully analyse the condition of your skin and overall medical condition before we narrow down on the treatment. With sterilised equipment and unrivalled expertise in handling treatments to perfection, your vampire facelift treatment can be done under expert care with minimal downtime and pain. We assure you that there will be no space for any side effects provided if the patients adhere to the post-op protocols that need to be observed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the vampire facelift?

Vampire facelifts are a noninvasive surgery in which platelets and hyaluronic acid filler are injected beneath the skin.

Is a vampire facelift worth it?

wrinkles, Scars, and sun damage can all benefit from a vampire facial.

Is vampire facial painful?

No, with advanced medications, vampire facials are not painful

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Vampire Facelift Treatment

Vampire Facelift Treatment

Vampire Facelift Treatment
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