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We lose face fat as we age. In addition, the face support structure deteriorates. Thread lift is a safe alternative to standard facelift cosmetic surgery for redefining facial shape and restoring a young look. It is also known as a "lunch hour boost." Sagging around the jawline, cheekbones, and neck is reduced with this surgery. It improves the appearance of sagging brows and deep nasolabial folds.

Thread lift produces subtle and mild alterations rather than spectacular outcomes. The recuperation period is short, the result is quick, and the expense is inexpensive.

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What is thread lift?

A thread lift is a simple and quick non-surgical treatment for raising sagging skin on the face or neck. This technique suspends the skin with 'threads' or sutures to give the face a little lift and definition. It is very useful for people who have bulky features and need face sculpting and lifting.

Types of Thread lift

Thread lift procedures come in a variety of forms. Contour thread lift and Aptos thread lift are two of the most popular.

Contour thread lift

The threads in this scenario are unidirectional and fixed in the initial access zone. In contour thread lift, non-absorbable clear polypropylene threads are employed. To increase accuracy, threads are directed along specified contour lines. Sagging skin is raised and tightened by inserting threads through an incision created above the hairline.

Aptos thread lift

threads are manufactured from a single strand of non-absorbable polypropylene. Polypropylene has long been used as a suture material in medicine. The threads have bi-directional barbs that extend from the thread's center and point inwards towards the thread's center, allowing them to be put beneath the skin and the cogs to hold the lift.

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Understanding the various thread lift techniques

  • Thread lifts are significantly less costly and less difficult to do than facelift surgery. Furthermore, while thread lifts have visible effects, they only raise the face by a few centimetres, producing a more subtle and natural-looking outcome than facelift surgery.
  • Thread lifts are thus best suited to individuals who have mild to moderate evidence of skin laxity rather than severe indicators of skin laxity. That is noteworthy because collagen plays an important role in ageing.
  • MINT PDO threads were developed to conduct the most effective nonsurgical facelift imaginable by elevating drooping skin and restoring a more youthful V-shape. MINT PDO is a thick gauge barbed thread.
  • Because of their larger gauge and distinctive barbs, the threads can lift and hold more than weaker threads. Moreover, it promotes collagen formation in the treated regions and dissolves 6-9 months after insertion, with lifting advantages lasting at least a year or longer, as do other PDO threads.

Who Should Consider a Thread Lift?

  • The customer has modest ageing indications and needs a little lift.
  • The client who has reasonable expectations
  • Patients with a positive attitude
  • Non-smoker
  • Those in their 30s to 60s with the proper skin tone and if their skin is not too saggy
  • The patient must be in good health
  • Your skin is not prone to keloid formation or scarring. There is also no history of poor wound healing

Is it risk-free to use?

When performed by experts who have treated the face and are familiar with the blood flow and nerve supply of the facial skin and muscles, the thread utilized in a thread lift operation is quite safe. It is quite simple to deviate from the desired course, hence an experienced operator is required.

Only a highly-trained and experienced doctor with a complete understanding of the thread lift and its cost in Mumbai, as well as the anatomy of different layers of the face, should apply these sutures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which surgeon should I go to undergo a thread lift?

It is critical to choose an experienced surgeon to get good outcomes. Consult Dr Kohli to get an expert solution

How does a thread lift work?

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are used in the thread lift, which is similar to sutures used by doctors in surgery. These threads can stay inside the skin for up to 180 days. Its collagen production improves blood circulation and helps the skin seem younger and suppler

Is it safe?

Yes it is 100% safe when performed by an expert

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